Jon Green Sen Bernie Sanders

Jon Green endorsed by Sen. Bernie Sanders

"As Mayor of Lone Tree, Jon successfully fought for living wages and to revitalize rural Iowa through access to broadband and affordable childcare. I'm proud to support his grassroots campaign for Johnson County Supervisor." -Sen. Bernie Sanders, May 10, 2021.

In response, Jon said, "Senator Sanders has long been a hero to me. His support tells me our unapologetically progressive policy agenda is up to the challenge - and opportunity - of the moment."

Green was an early supporter of Sanders' presidential campaigns, eventually serving as an Iowa surrogate speaker for the Senator's campaigns. Last year, Green said that Sanders, "has helped all of us see that half measures are insufficient in the face of the injustice and inequities we face today."

Jon asks again for your vote at the special Democratic nominating convention tomorrow, Tuesday, May 11, at 5:30p at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. More information is here.

Green for Johnson County Supervisor

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