Attend the Convention!

This is where our nominee will be selected. On the evening of Tuesday, May 11, at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Building C, Johnson County Democrats will gather for a special nominating convention. It will likely take several hours. The party selected a location with good ventilation and will provide outdoor seating for those who prefer it, and will also be requiring masks and physical distancing.

If you are a delegate, you should arrive at 5:30 pm. Alternates should try and arrive earlier, if possible, around 5 pm, as you'll be seated in order of registration. Convention business will begin about 6 pm, with selecting the nominee as the only order of business. As delegates are being seated, local officials will have an opportunity to address the delegation and then candidate nominations, speeches and Q&A will follow, culminating in voting for the nominee.

Full details are available in the Call Book. I encourage you to have a copy of the book with you during the convention, whether electronic or printed. The Johnson County Democrats decided to email the convention call, so you will not receive anything (from the county party) via USPS mail.