Jon was elected Johnson County Supervisor in June 2021 with 66% of the vote in a Special Election. Jon is now running in 2022 for re-election to a full four-year term. The Democratic Primary election is June 7 and the General Election is November 8.

For most of his 38 years, Jon has lived in or near Lone Tree. His family roots here go back over 150 years. Due to his family moving while he was young, Wyoming is his birthplace. He still has plenty of relatives there, and Jon retains some qualities of a Westerner.

But make no mistake: Jon is rural Iowa. He has lived most of his life in the Lone Tree area. His paternal grandparents, themselves multigenerational Iowans, met at a roller rink in Nichols. After living in Lone Tree for the past seven years in the house his grandparents built, this year Jon moved onto a rural acreage a few miles west of Lone Tree.

Jon's parents returned from Wyoming to live in Nichols and then Lone Tree. Jon attended West Liberty schools. Green graduated from Lone Tree High School in 2001. He attended the University of Iowa and graduated from Morningside University in Sioux City in 2006 with a B.A. in Mass Communication.

Before graduation, Jon returned to Lone Tree for a while as the Editor of the Lone Tree Reporter. After graduation, Jon worked as a news reporter in Wyoming. The last Democratic Governor of Wyoming, Dave Freudenthal hired Jon as his press secretary. Jon takes much from his time in Wyoming, especially how to speak to Democrats on tough terrain without betraying his progressive principles.

Green then worked in information technology until his election to the Board of Supervisors. In 2014, Green returned to Lone Tree and moved into the house his grandparents built.

When Bernie Sanders ran for President in 2016, he was ready to re-engage in politics. After he was elected to the Iowa Democratic Central Committee, Jon worked with others to change state party rules so those who don't identify as male or female can run for state party seats without having to mis-gender themselves.

Jon was attending a Lone Tree City Council meeting in 2017, when the Mayor berated an elderly couple who came asking for help. With help from friends, Green ran for Mayor and won in 2018 and served a two-year term. You can read about his accomplishments as Mayor on a separate page on this website.

Jon has a Western, rural, and small town Iowa background that allows him to speak with citizens from similar areas. Green does this without compromising his progressive values and policies. This is a talent sorely needed by the national Democratic Party to build bigger majorities.  It is also needed in Iowa to recover terrain recently lost to Republicans. And in Johnson County, Green's communication skills will help build even bigger vote margins that are needed to offset other parts of Iowa. Jon Green is ready to serve Johnson County and help us build back better.